Web Design Process


1.) Email Consultation

The client fills out a questionnaire giving CourseVector a basic idea of wants and needs. We collect sample URLs of sites that you like, color options, graphics, and a page outline to get a clear picture of your vision.


2.) Quote Produced

CourseVector supplies a quote to the client for approval. Take your time looking over the quote. If you have any questions or concerns, simply contact the Project Manager assigned to your website. We would be happy to help to explain anything in the quote, add any features you might need, or suggest ways that we can save you money!


3.) Quote Approval

Once we have a signed contract, we begin work.


4.) Logo Design (depending on web design package)

Branding is incredibly important. If you don’t already have one, or you just need refreshed branding, CourseVector’s graphic design team is happy to include logo design as a part of your website design.

  • If you don’t have a logo, we usually start  by asking some questions to get a “feel” for what you want your logo to look like.
  • Once the artist is comfortable with the concept, you will be presented with two or three mockups. These mockups are low-quality representations of what the final design will be.
  • You must choose/approve the design(s). You are free to choose one of the designs, or, up to two revisions are included in your quote.
  • Once your graphic is approved, your design will be finalized and the finished artwork will be forwarded to you and the web designer.


5.) Homepage Design

We begin the actual website design by designing a mockup of the homepage. This is the first page that your customers or clients will see! It sets the tone for the rest of the website.

  • The web graphic designer looks at the questionnaire for sample URLs, color options, and your page outline to get a feel for what you want from your website.
  • CouseVector provides you with two or three website design mockups. These will not be functional in any way but will show a rough rendering of the home page of your new website.
  • You must choose/approve one design. If you are not completely happy with the choices, your quote includes up to 3 revisions (if needed).  Once you chose a web design, we will move on to the website creation phase.


6.) Website Creation

We will make the concept reality during this phase of the project. This includes setting up WordPress, creating and configuring  the basic template, and installing the plug-ins and themes necessary to make the website functional. We should need little input at this point. However, if we need information from you, your Project Manager will be in touch.


7.) Website Customization

We know that each customer has special needs for their site. During the customization phase, we will tweak the website to make it fit your expectations. This phase of the project will be specific to each client, and it will be outlined in detail in the quote.


8.) Website Population

If you already had a website, we will take the content from the old site and plug it into the new site. There should be little input needed at this point. However, if we need information from you, your Project Manage will be in touch.

If this is a brand new website, we will need you to supply the content for the website. You do not need to be a world-class writer; you just need to be an expert in your field. We have experienced copywriters on staff who happily take your expert knowledge and turn it into something that your clients can easily understand.

You also have the option to populate the site yourself.


9.) Final Approval

During final website approval, you will be asked to look over the content. Once we have your approval, the site can go live.


10.) Consider CourseVector for Hosting and Maintenance

CourseVector is proud to offer affordable hosting options to our web design clients. We offer 24/7 monitoring, state-of-the art security features, and painless maintenance plans to maximize your up-time and your ROI.


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